This blog is to showcase my digital art and will include work that can be currently seen on http://maveriker.deviantart.com/ as well as work that is more sexually explicit.

Postings will be irregular, as I just do this part time for fun!

Feel free to save the art presented here, but please please please if you post it anywhere, please post a link to either my deviantart site or this one along with it :)

Please visit regularly, though, and I appreciate your comments and feedback about my work and work you might like to see in the future!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2500 visits! Thanks guys!

Yay! 2500 visits! I know it's not really that many in the grand scheme of things... but I'm happy!

Thanks for checkin my work out guys, will put up some more soon!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is Google deleting blogs again?

Going through my blogroll today, I noticed that guycandi and the slab's links are not longer active... is one of my favorite bloggers--the slabber--gone?

If you're out there, we'll miss you! And thanks for the follow while you were here!